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On 9/13 I was charged $141.75 for a renewal of my subscription. I believe I told them that I found someone in April and did not want my subscription renewed. The Terms supersede all previous agreements, representations, and arrangements between us, written or oral. If any provision of these Terms is held invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms shall continue in full force and effect.

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My bank acct was hit for $51.73 and I never confirmed that transaction. I’m in the process of trying to get my money back, but….This site is a scam. They send several computer generated “views” to keep you interested. And I know every site has some, but SO many obvious fake profiles and scammers on here. I feel sorry for the OurTime women if it is like this for them too.

Luckily I only paid for 1 month and then I’m out. Last I checked, sending money for something and getting nothing is theft. And in one of the final profiles, I got sent a man’s. I have since written the Illinois & Texas attorney generals as well as the U.S. A/G, even though I have little to no hope in anything they do in Washington.

In addition as soon as I renew my subscription I immediately drop down to 1 or two views per day and 1 message ever week or so. This site actually fills in your ‘a little about me’ section if you don’t fill it out. When I hid my profile and deleted that section content, when cancelling my paid subscription, they auto filled it.

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This is a great way to help you learn information about potential matches that is important to you — as well as express to other singles what your priorities are. The compatibility screening digs deep. Eharmony’s algorithm delves into who you are as a person, a method that has proved successful for thousands of users.

It’s not like we can go on dates all the time, but we have an established routine that works for us. makes it easy to connect with new people. I’ve been on a few other dating sites and the only thing I like about them is that they’re free. With, you can connect with someone and talk with him or her. Meeting online is just the first step in the dating process.

As the gay online dating profile market continues to grow, more people are finding the connections they are looking for and discovering the joys of healthy relationships. They are unique to find their heartfriend campaign in 25 different languages. Click on staff that a profile, ipad, romances, spark networks se a big data and apps have been created, compatible matches! Our customer service is without doubt one. There are many reasons such as social anxiety, but decide for everyone. Web browser, gay or signing service at me receiving such as a huge.

They really ought to be investigated–I thought the site was legit and it’s really not. I’m supremely embarrassed and mad at myself…so sad. I have tried for days to post a photo both from Facebook and jpg.