13. Identify Anger Expression Models A. The service member was assisted in identifying key figures in his/her life who have provided examples to him/her of how to positively or negatively express anger. The service member was reinforced as he/she identified several key figures who have been negative role models in expressing anger explosively and destructively.

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The veteran/service member stated that he/she has not experienced any recent suicidal ideation. The veteran/service member stated that he/she no longer has interest in causing harm to himself/herself. cuddli.com 48. The veteran/service member was encouraged to read Exercising Your Way to Better Mental Health to introduce him/her to the concept of combating stress, depression, and anxiety with exercise.

The veteran/service member expressed feelings of hope for the future and affirmation of his/her own self-worth. Inappropriate Guilt A. The veteran/service member described feelings of pervasive, irrational guilt. Although the veteran/service member verbalized an understanding that his/her guilt was irrational, it continues to plague him/her. The depth of irrational guilt has lifted as the depression has subsided. The veteran/service member no longer expresses feelings of irrational guilt. Low Self-Esteem A. The veteran/service member stated that he/she has a very negative perception of himself/herself.

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The veteran/service member reported that he/she must use greater amounts of substances due to an increased pattern of tolerance of the mood-altering chemicals. The veteran/service member described that he/she experiences significant physical withdrawal symptoms when he/she goes without the substances for any long period of time. As the veteran/service member has worked on his/her recovery, his/her maladaptive pattern of substance use has been discontinued. The veteran/service member acknowledged that despite the negative consequences and a desire to reduce or terminate mood-altering drug abuse, he/she has been unable to do so. As the veteran/service member has participated in a total recovery program, he/she has been able to maintain abstinence from mood-altering drug use.

The patient-report measure indicated that the veteran’s/service member’s anxiety is extreme and severely interferes with his/her life. The patient-report measure indicated that the veteran’s/service member’s anxiety is moderate and occasionally interferes with his/her daily life. The patient-report measure indicated that the veteran’s/service member’s anxiety is mild and rarely interferes with his/her daily life. The veteran/service member declined to complete the patient-report measure, and the focus of treatment was changed to this resistance. Alcohol/Drug Abuse A. Since the traumatic experience, the veteran/service member has engaged in a pattern of alcohol and/or drug abuse as a maladaptive coping mechanism.

The veteran/service member has completed an evaluation by the prescribing practitioner and has begun taking anti-anxiety medications. The veteran/service member has resisted the referral to the prescribing practitioner physician and does not want to take any medication to reduce anxiety levels; his/her concerns were processed. Monitor Medication Compliance A. The veteran’s/service member’s compliance with the prescription for psychotropic medication was monitored for the medication’s effectiveness and side effects.

The veteran/service member reported partial success with the use of the EMDR technique to reduce emotional distress. C. The veteran/service member denied any role for secondary gain that results from his/her modification of life to accommodate panic; he/she was provided with tentative examples. Care was taken not to minimize real potential future threats. The veteran/service member was reinforced when he/she expressed insight into the unresolved fear from the past that is linked to his/her current phobic fear.

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The service member has displayed increased understanding about assertiveness in professional and personal situations; this progress was reinforced. The service member has struggled to learn about increased assertiveness and was provided with remedial feedback in this area. Assign Books on Assertiveness A. The service member was assigned to read books on assertiveness. D. The service member denied any beliefs that would minimize or invalidate the identification and expression of emotions, and he/she was provided with beliefs for which he/she should be monitoring. Identify Military Positives A. The service member was assigned to develop a list of what he/she likes about serving in the military. The service member has created a list of reasons why he/she likes serving in the military, and this was processed within the session.