The former ends in a several percent improve and the latter really sees eight % lower. Our top picks include sites like Zoosk, which is the best site for geeks who need some help making the first move, and eharmony, which we’re naming the best site for anyone who loves an algorithm. We are also big fans of okcupid, for how LGBTQ-friendly it is. Dating sites that didn’t make the cut were ones like Nerd Passions and Match Geeks. Although the name suggests something related to Star Trek, Trek Passions is a cyber hub for geeks indulged dedicatedly in television series, books and movies related to Sci-Fi. Browsing or sharing messages is totally free for you whether you are looking for casual flings, chat buddies, serious relationship or new friends.

Because of this, you will be able to find more nerds, gamers, and geeks on compared to the other ones. What makes dating sites for gamers in particular appealing is that it is a judgement-free zone, and everyone knows what’s up. The gaming community is as real as every other social group.

And the appropriation of the word “nerd” was a “battle that got won”, says Gaiman. “It’s like many terms that were originally intended to offend, the team that was offended took it as its own as a badge of honour. “I remember interviewing William Gibson – who posited a world in which people sitting in front of their computers were cool – for Time Out in the mid-to-late 1980s,” says Gaiman. “Gibson described himself as the geek who couldn’t play baseball. Someone at Time Out changed this to ‘Greek’ because they said they hadn’t come across the word.

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Although it is a general dating platform, it works equally effectively for nerd dating. This delves deep into personalities and matches with other members. There are filters based on sexual preference for those interested in dating geeks.

Your intense love for things such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Star Wards doesn’t mean you are a weirdo or updatable. Here at, you can find the best of the best dating platforms for nerds and geeks all over the world. For the geeks out there who are more straightforward in their approach to love and who are looking to settle down without settling, this could be the service for you. The good news is that there are plenty of free dating sites and apps out there, and the likes of Tinder and Hinge are seriously popular options with huge networks of users. Most of the biggest and best dating sites also offer free versions of their services . You can easily enter the online dating game without spending anything, but sometimes free apps simply don’t cut it.

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Are you and your significant other artistically inclined? Throw out a theme, character, or fandom and have each of you draw or paint out a piece of fan art. Supernatural, Fate Zero, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings anyone?! Bonus points if you and your date enjoy some geek treats cooked up from suggestion 3 while watching. For something different pick up a new game that neither of you have played before.

As for the people you’ll find here–the good news is that most of them fill out their profiles, so you’ll know a lot about their personalities . The bad news is that a lot of them also use avatars as their pictures, so if you’re shallow…well, perhaps you shouldn’t be on a geeky dating site in the first place. Not unlike many of your favorite games, this site has been around since the 1990s — and it’s still one of the biggest and best out there. Being upfront in your profile about your love of gaming will be key to weed out potential normies, however. Things get serious here, so make sure you avoid the virtual dating mistakes and make your profile stand out. According to their website, 85% of their user base is 30+.

Because you want to find someone who understands how you’re wired and who won’t judge you for freaking out about a new comic book/b-side/Japanese import. Probably the defining characteristic of a “geek” is their overwhelming enthusiasm. They find something in life, popular culture, literature, or film — and they love it. They dress up as it for Halloween, costume parties or Comic Con.

They can bond over sci-fi, comics, animation, and much more. Wanting to meet with other nerds or geeks is quite natural. Searching on a dating website by online dating is the best way to connect others with similar nerdy hobbies and interests. This is why we have put together a collection of dating websites that can help geeks and nerds overcome their socializing dilemmas and find mates with whom to be in a relationship. Along with online dating portals, dating apps also enhance the dating experience. For the best experience with the greatest possibility of finding exactly what you’re looking for, you are going to dig a little deeper in your pockets.

There are basic safety features in place, such as when users want to pay for monthly memberships, they have a secure encryption technology on the website which aims to prevent any fraud. Once you have an account with, it is better to be aware of possible fraud when navigating the website and reviewing profiles. Is Geek2Geek any good, and what can I do on the dating platform. Are the most common questions we hear at Geek2Geek dating reviews. We will give readers the honest truth about this impressive dating website and what it can do for you. Firstly Geek2Geek brings people together for their love of sci-fi movies, anime, and the world of warcraft.

They are very successful in matching highly compatible people through their efficient algorithms. As we said earlier, nerds and geeks are marked out for lacking social skills. The inbuilt matchmaking process here has been fine-tuned to induct users with specific interests. This helps them to find the exact partner of their liking easily. For those nerds and geeks looking for serious connections, this site is perfect. Large numbers of active users on the group mean there will be matching interests and nerds will find their fellows too.

This immediately means greater visibility of your profile across other affiliated sites for Geek Nerd Dating. This is the site where you can discuss Harry Potter with as much comfort as you can talk about cosplay, board games, or your particular Star Trek character. heatedaffairs Five-Factor Model is used here to help people find the partners of their dreams. Its 29 Dimensions Model takes into account various factors to complete the match. With 20 million-plus members, you are bound to meet a person of your preference here.